Varicose the Vain

The Whore that Will be Missed


Bard 2
Male Half-Celestial Human


A sex worker by trade, Varicose the Vain (or just “V”) was the shining star of the local theater in Half-Celestialville. Open to all forms of intimate performances (straight, gay, gibbering mouther), V strangely enough prays to Heironeous, a deity opposed to many of V’s beliefs. This did not stop the brash Bard from communicating with the god via America Online (AOL) Instant Messaging (or altogether just AIM).

Varicose’s light dimmed early, when he sought to defy a promise he made to the god Heironeous. He was found dead in his bed after one last romp with wenches by his agent, his bodyguard dying from the same promise made to the god. Heart broken yet humbled by the opposition of V, Heironeous ordered his church to build a memorial to the late entertainer, as a lasting memory to the good the god believed V had within him. His statue is made of platinum, showing his face filled with eager anticipation as his member strains against his trousers for freedom.

Varicose the Vain

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