P.F. Chang

What do you MEAN they want it remade?


Master Chef
Male Demon (Balor)

Usually seen with his +1 Vorpal Cleaver in chef attire (magically treated to be immune to fire).


P.F. Chang is a chef straight from the Abyss, setting up shop in Half-Celestialville. Despite his temper (which sometimes caught waiters on fire), his restaurant became the hit of the city, drawing in many customers to try his diverse menu. It was discovered he was using dead people within his recipes by the party (claimed they were apples, veggies etc.), though for some reason even the Paladins of the city could find no such evidence.

Currently a pile of scattered ashes after he was slain by the party by his own cleaver after they convinced him they were playing good cop bad cop in his kitchen. His death took the entire P.F. Chang customer clientele with him.

P.F. Chang

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